Mission Statement

Our Mission

Our mission, or reason for being, is to:

  • provide our members with the coaching, facilities and infrastructure necessary to allow them to reach their full potential in trampoline sports;
  • actively support the promotion and development of trampoline sports throughout the general and gymnastic communities; and
  • actively promote the use of trampoline as therapeutic apparatus.

Our Vision

Our Vision for the future of Omega Trampoline Sports Club is to be regarded as a “best practice” sporting club in terms of:

  • providing a value of money service to members;
  • communication with members and facilitate thier involvement wihthin the club; and
  • facilitating success for our members.

within a healthy and highly competitive sport.

Our Values

Our Values influence everything we do.The Omega Trampoline Sports Club values:

  • Commitment
  • Effort
  • Participation
  • Excellence

Get Involved

Omega values and needs the participation of members/parents/guardians in club activities. We are lucky to have a number of people who we can rely upon to help us out but we can always do with more. There are many ways to get involved, such as:

  1. Participate in team building activities. Each year there are a number of team building activities. Participation is important as they provide opportunities for members to get away from the gym and have some fun together doing something completely different.

  2. Come to our social functions. Each year we have great social functions. We also have a Christmas Party at the end of the year. These are great opportunities to meet others involved in the club. and get to know club coaches and officials.

  3. Help out at competitions. Omega usually hold at least one interclub competition per year; we are always looking for people to help us with spotting, marshaling, scoring, looking after the door or looking after the canteen. If you can help, speak to Marion or David Wareham before competition date.

  4. Help us set up and take down equipment. We share our gymnasium and therefore we have to set up and take down equipment. On Monday and Wednesday nights a small band of volunteers set up equipment for Tuesday and Thursday training sessions. If you can help, contact David Wareham for details. At the end of training sessions on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday we usually have to pack up our equipment. Again your assistance in doing this would be greatly appreciated.

  5. Take up judging or coaching. The Victorian Gymnastics Association conduct judging and coaching courses from time to time and details regarding these will be provided as they come to hand. We are always desperate for judges. Even if you are not interested in a regular coaching position, it would be great to have people we could call upon to help out when required and undertaking a judging and/or coaching course would greatly improve any one's understanding of the sport.

  6. Join the committee. Our committee is voted in every year in our Annual General Meeting. If you are interested in standing for a position you are more than welcome. We are always looking for fresh ideas and approaches.

  7. Attend the Annual General Meeting. Even if you don’t want to join the committee, you are urged to attend our AGM. As well as voting the new committee, the outgoing committee provides reports to the meeting and members are encouraged to ask questions of the committee. To find out about attending the AGM, talk to Marion or David Wareham

  8. Come to committee meetings. Even if you are not a committee member, you are invited to attend one of our meetings if you would like to talk to the committee as a whole on any matter. Please discuss with Marion or David Wareham before hand to ensure the current meeting date and to get your item to the meeting agenda.

Club Champions

In 1994, Omega lost one of its founding members, Benita Spicer, prematurely to cancer. In order to perpetuate Benita’s memory and contribution to the club, we have instituted an annual club champion award in her name, which is presented at our Christmas break-up function.

The Award is decided by club coaches and judged against 4 criteria that reflect our club values. They also reflect the qualities that Benita, a national open and Australian representative, brought to the club. The criteria are as follows:

Dedication - This is an assessment of the amount of hard work the athlete has put in throughout the preceding year. The sorts of behaviors we are looking for include:

  • Concerted effort throughout the whole of training sessions
  • Listening to and acting upon coaches instructions
  • Willingness to “have a go”.

Improvement - This is an assessment of how much the athlete has improved during the preceding year in terms of:

  • difficulty in skills mastered
  • neatness and control in performance
  • performance in competitions (scores, not position)

Attendance - This is an assessment of athletes:

  • regularity of attendance
  • timekeeping
  • Training should be viewed as a positive

Club Spirit - This is an assessment of the athletes willingness to help out around the club throughout the preceding year. Behaviors we are looking for include:

  • assisting with the setting up and taking down of equipment
  • assisting others with their training, ie. by spotting, using spotter mats or, if asked, coaching.
  • helping out at competitions
  • getting involved in club functions and fundraising activities.

Previous recipients for the award are:

1996 - Felicity Findaly
1997 - Lisa Ross & Damian Ryan
1998 - Chris Wareham
1999 - Robyn Forbes & Adrian Wareham
2000 - Chris Chatfield
2001 - Julienne O’Rourke
2002 - Taigaan Cook, Glen Joustra & Jessica Manning
2003 - Chris Hodge & Adrian Eastham
2004 - Jeremy Cook
2005 - Sam Story & Christie Baumgartner
2006 - Simon Reynolds
2007 - Bryce Wareham
2008 - Bryce Wareham
2009 - Domonic Spicer
2010 - Ryan Hatfield
2011 - Cameron Scott
2012 - Cameron Scott
2013 - Ryan Hatfield
2014 - Cameron Scott & Ryan Hatfield


Sunday, 20th September

Last day of term 3 classes, School holidays!

Thursday 24th September

Club's Carnival and jnr/snr selection trials begin

Monday, 5th October

Term 4 begins

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0403 413 202 (Marion Wareham)



Rowville Community Centre

40 Fulham Road, Rowville VIC 3178

Wellington Secondary College

91 Police Road, Mulgrave VIC 3170

Carrington Park Leisure Centre

20 O'connor rd, Knoxfield