Competition trampolines are far bigger and more powerful than the backyard variety. As a result, senior trampolinists can jump over 8 meters into the air experiencing more than 15 G's of force!

With these numbers in mind, Omega takes safety very seriously.

Our focus on putting safety as a very high priority puts our injury rate lower than most other sporting clubs. We teach all our athletes about landing safely, how to control jumping in the centre of the trampoline, and, how to perform tricks and skills with a good and sound technique.

Safety at our club

All of our coaches are highly experienced. They have been through training and accreditation with Gymnastics Australia and have had many years experience within the sport, as a coach or athlete or both.

All of our coaches are qualified in First aid and CPR, in case there ever is a problem

All of our equipment is well kept and properly maintained, this ensures athlete safety and comfort. We have appropriate padding to protect athletes from the springs and trampoline frame.


Omega follows the child protection guidelines of Gymnastics Victoria, and they can be found on the Gymnastics Victoria website.

Additionally, we have our own rules and documentation:


In order to ensure the safety of our athletes, Omega insists that its members comply with a number of safety related rules. These rules are as follows:

  1. Never bounce without supervision.
  2. Always concentrate on what you are doing.
  3. Do not wear belts, jewellery etc.
  4. Protective footwear (socks and/or trampoline shoes) are compulsory.
  5. Keep hair tidy and out of eyes (no pins).
  6. Never jump from the trampoline to the ground or one trampoline to another.
  7. Do not bounce for a long period of time (one minute at a time is enough).
  8. Only one person on the trampoline at a time.
  9. No horseplay or disruptive behaviour on or around trampolines.
  10. Always follow the instructions of your coach.

Any athlete who fails to comply with these rules and is therefore a danger to himself/herself or others will be banned from using the equipment for the remainder of the training session and, if appropriate, sent home. Continued non-compliance may result in suspension of the athlete, at the discretion of the Senior Club Coach.


Each Year, approximately 50,000 new trampolines are bought for Australian homes. This figure is not surprising, given that trampolines are a great way for children to exercise, have fun, and develop coordination at the same time.

However, a trampoline is a piece of sporting equipment, not a toy. If used recklessly, trampolines can also be a good way for children to hurt themselves. Risk of injury can be minimized by ensuring that you:

  • DO ensure that children are taught how to use the trampoline properly
  • DO have an adult or responsible adolescent supervise all trampoline activity
  • DO make sure each child climbs on and off the trampoline rather than jumping
  • DO put padded covers over the springs and the frame
  • DO jump in the centre of the trampoline
  • DON’T place the trampoline near walls, obstacles or hard surfaces
  • DON’T allow children or animals underneath the trampoline while it’s being used
  • DON’T attempt skills or tricks that you have not been taught

Omega supports and promotes safe trampolining. We regularly conduct coaching clinics for schools and other community groups and each January we conduct a free open day that we call “BounceSafe” where we teach children to have fun on trampolines safely.

Using your home trampoline

The above advice minimizes risk when bouncing at home. At Omega, we strongly encourage safe and proper use of a trampoline.

  1. Choose a rectangular trampoline with Protection padding that covers the springs and frame.
  2. This, however, does not mean that the trampoline user should be carelessly landing on padding, or bouncing off the walls (if your trampoline includes a safety net).
  3. Actively try to stay in the centre of the trampoline, away from the frame and the springs.
  4. Learning skills properly with your coach, before trying them at home or at a trampoline park


We offer one free lesson to anyone who is interested in joining our classes.


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