Omega Trampoline Coaches

Our coaches are fully qualified in first aid and are accredited by Gymnastics Australia.

Most People associate our sport with kids playing on a backyard trampoline – but it is much more fun than that! At the lower or beginner levels the emphasis is on structured enjoyment and safety. At the higher or senior levels it provides a breathtaking combination of twisting and somersaulting which requires strength, stamina, skill and courage from participants. Our experienced team can guide you through your journey.


David – Head Coach

David Wareham, elite diver (U.K.) High Performance Coach, ex FIG Judge & Advance Silver Judge for approx. 55 years.




Marion Wareham, elite netballer (U.K.), GA Advance Coach & Advance Silver Judge for approx. 45 years in Trampoline.



Adrian Wareham, High School Teacher, with 2 degrees. World Champion medallist in DMT/TRP. Aust/Vic record holder for DMT/TRP/SYN for over 20 years, Has been Australian Coach and FIG Judge.



Ryan Hatfield is a Performance Scientist at the Victorian Institute of Sport. World championship medallist in DMT, FIG level 2 trampoline coach.

Glen Hetfield


Glen Joustra, elite trampolinist, represented Australia in World Age in South Africa. GA Advance Coach & Advance Silver Judge for approx. 15 years.